Invite All Friends for Facebook

You used to send all your code in your browser in one package and send them an invitation. There is a different method of inviting and then everyone has too many friends.

Rather than inviting everyone with this program, this program is for you. If you’re currently writing your hand-scrolling code in your hand-scrolling codes, we’re exhausting you, and it’s no different than just pressing your hand. No need to scroll in this program. Just press a button as I showed in the video narrative!
With just one click you are automatically invited to all your Facebook friends for events or pages. If you have lots of events or invite friends to pages For sure you’ve tired of clicking on each and every friend you want to invite you over and over again.
so we have created all Facebook to save time, easy to invite and we will do all this checking for you. Use an extension to open an invitation box on Facebook and click the extension icon in the Address bar

-> Support automatic scrolling
-> Work with pages
-> Events business
-> Support to 5000 friends



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