Social Network Adblocker Facebook Adblock

Ad block for Facebook ™. Hides all ads from your view. (English text below Turkish) A Chrome plugin that removes annoying ads on Facebook ™ simply and effectively. It hides annoying ads, enhances your social experience.

*** Features
– Block both News Feed and Sidebar ads
– Lightweight and fast super, almost no memory / CPU usage
– You can easily change the extension from the toolbar menu to On / Off – 100% free and always updated, we use ourselves every day!

*** Benefits of blocking ads
– Improve browser speed
– Improve page loading speed – Reduce the memory usage of the pages you visit
– Reduce bandwidth
– Most importantly, save time by ignoring these ads!



Color Changer for Facebook

Color Changer For Facebook is a beautiful Google chrome plugin that you can customize by changing the classic blue-themed Facebook look.
Color Changer For Facebook is an effective and fun application that you can change and personalize the look of your Facebook on your Google Chrome browser. Nowadays, almost everyone has a Facebook account, classic blue-themed Facebook is designed for users who are tired of the use of Facebook thanks to your image and colors by editing the appearance of a completely different.
You can show your friends by creating different Facebook views with the add-in that you can change both front and background colors. It is possible to create quite interesting designs by using the plugin. If you want to have fun at the same time while using Facebook, download this add-on and start editing your Facebook with your favorite colors. The app is completely free to download and use.

★ Features of Color Changer for Facebook:
✔ 60 Facebook Theme Presets
✔ Change Header & Background Color
✔ Change every Text Color
✔ Change Border & Button Colors
✔ Simple and clear interface to apply your themes
✔ Share your Facebook Themes with other users
✔ Create your own themes and sync them to every computer




Invite All Friends for Facebook

You used to send all your code in your browser in one package and send them an invitation. There is a different method of inviting and then everyone has too many friends.

Rather than inviting everyone with this program, this program is for you. If you’re currently writing your hand-scrolling code in your hand-scrolling codes, we’re exhausting you, and it’s no different than just pressing your hand. No need to scroll in this program. Just press a button as I showed in the video narrative!
With just one click you are automatically invited to all your Facebook friends for events or pages. If you have lots of events or invite friends to pages For sure you’ve tired of clicking on each and every friend you want to invite you over and over again.
so we have created all Facebook to save time, easy to invite and we will do all this checking for you. Use an extension to open an invitation box on Facebook and click the extension icon in the Address bar

-> Support automatic scrolling
-> Work with pages
-> Events business
-> Support to 5000 friends



Photo Zoom for Facebook

Perhaps the most perfect google chrome plugin. There is also one for firefox. instead of zooming in one click on the photos on facebook, you can view photos on the mouse in their original size. more than one dictionary can open and close this plugin. If it is not used that much, you will regret it. so I don’t know.

Photo Zoom for Facebook, formerly FB Photo Zoom, is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of albums, profile images and more whenever you hover over an image!



Flatbook and Facebook Flat

Facebook is now known as the world’s most widely used social media application. Not only when we consider the number of users, but also the company potential and the company’s growth rate, Facebook is well ahead of other social media applications. In fact, even the world company rankings have made itself a permanent place for Facebook. This is a highly successful and 1.5 billion users of Facebook, despite all the good aspects of the criticized aspects are not. Especially advertising and unnecessary buttons used in design are among the most complained issues. Particularly when ads are placed between shares, when you want to review shares from time to time, you can be directed to ads directly. Apart from this, unused icons and buttons are unnecessarily placed on the home page, which can disturb users. Being aware of this situation, Facebook has recently started to make changes in design issues. A new statement was made in the recent days and it was announced that Facebook will now change its symbols. However, some applications that allow users to change this design structure, although updates will not come for a while, are not available. One of them is the Flatbook plugin. Facebook provides a simpler and more useful design, which allows you to get rid of Facebook ads. Let’s look at what we need to do to use the Flatbook plug-in. New functionality for Facebook and an awesome new design. Some features of the Flatbook extension: — Who unfriended you on Facebook; — Increased readability of the content; — Read a different news feeds; — Viral news suggestions inside your feed;

How to use ?

1-) You first work Google Chrome program Than open the  “chrome web store”

2-) Search “Flatbook”

3-)Click “Add to Chrome”

4-) Open facebook than click “Flatbook”




Facebook Unseen

Facebook Messenger’s lice Seen kapat opening with Facebook Secretly. Tighten Facebook Messenger. It is not necessary for the “seen de feature that is included in incoming updates about Messenger. Sometimes I’ve read and read messages, but the Messenger feature doesn’t help. The la Last Seen de feature, which was previously on WhatsApp, still has problems with problems and then. Let’s introduce a Chrome plugin on Facebook Messenger’s is Seen ek page: Facebook Unseen

How to use?

1. Run the Facebook Unseen plug-in running Chrome first.


2. Run the Add-in.

3. Click the Settings in the plugin and check the Blocks.

4- Result: You don’t look online anymore